City waters and wells contain high amount of Calcium and Magnesium hardness in our many countries. We simply call it “Hard water”. Hard water damages household pipe lines, faucets, fittings, heating devices, appliances such as washing machine, dish  washer, etc. It also builds up in water storage tanks and boilers.

Fully automated water softeners are designed to remove hardness  from the water without any human interference. A special kind of an ion Exchange resin is the main actor in this process. Sodium ions are conveyed to water instead of calcium and magnesium ions. There are two Operation options. Time controlled and flow controlled valves are available for different purposes.

Maintenance and operational costs are relatively low and they are compact so that they dont require much space. Brine tank, resin tank and automation valve are in one peace of cabinet makes the system look completely perfect.

Houses, villas, village homes, small businesses may prefer our cabinet water softeners. When the resin is exhausted it should be regenerated with mechanical salt tablets. All we have to do is to add salt into salt tank when we see it empty.

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